Lebanese musician ‘Bilal Al-Zain’ launched the song ‘Kan Eindi 7lm’, from his words, music, distribution and performance, and his video clip in collaboration with director Bassam Turk, and the production of Music Az My Life.

Al-Zein said in a private statement that he hopes the video clip will contribute to conveying his message to all Lebanese, based on the idea that Lebanon becomes one country for all Lebanese without discrimination.

The singer and composer continued: ‘In the past I wrote and melted and distributed a song (Lebanon sweet), and expressed through the confusion between staying or emigrating from the homeland’, expressing his sadness of his choice of migration 12 years after the song ‘Lebanon sweet’.

On the song ‘Kan Eindi 7lm,’ he added: ‘I wrote the lyrics of this song because it literally reflects the ideas and suffering of many in this country, written to express the state of frustration that we have reached’.

“I wrote as a result of my feeling bitterly parting the country after I and my family went to live abroad away from injustice and corruption, I hope to return someday my family and I to the country where I grew up.

For his part, the director of the video clip, ‘Bassam al-Turk’, expressed his happiness for his cooperation with the musician ‘Bilal Al-Zain’, which brings together a relationship of friendship and brotherhood more than 28 years old, and as the first work that brings them together.

He added: ‘I am very happy for this cooperation. The work bears the name of Lebanon and its theme touches on every citizen and citizen of its citizens. It talks about the love of the homeland and the concerns and problems of every Lebanese in his homeland.

The song was filmed in the Aley area of ​​Lebanon in a cinematic way, amidst very wonderful landscapes, and contributed to its production as director of photography for the video ‘Samir Karam’, Montage ‘Hammam Ghazal and Ritachting Tony Anthony’.

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